Sympathy Key Room
Sympathy Key Room
Sympathy Key Room

I've worked out some fun patches in vanilla pure data. They are for you.

Note there are vanilla versions of the vsts listed here.

Bedtime, sequenced resonator synthesizer

In 2017, I made an incredible sound with some music hardware. The system generates rhythmically animated chordal drones that follow the pitches played on a MIDI keyboard. The resulting sound is very fun to sample because of its rhythmic and harmonic complexity. Instead of making a shopping list of the hardware I used, I developed a pure data patch that could be spread around for free.

Download Bedtime here

Keytrails, pitched delay line

The BOSS RSD-10 delay effect has a wonderful feature. An extra audio input tracks pitch to alter delay time chromatically. The sampling rate of the delay buffer is shifted to transpose all the sound in the buffer together. Depending on the internal architecture of digital pitch-shifting delay effects, this isn’t always easy to achieve. This pure data patch takes a crack at it and includes a queue for pitch shifts that force transpotions to be complete and subsequent.

Download Keytrails here

Parody 1, 2, & Test Type- PD analog mockery

Here's the result of my effort to do analog modeling in pd-vanilla.

Parody 1, monophonic
Parody 2, polyphonic
Parody Test Type, early revision, charming mechanic